Bachelor – and now?

Some days ago, end of February, I finally submitted my bachelor thesis. I was really looking forward to that day! After submission, the feeling of relief was incredible.

In general, the thesis is about Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC). As a result, I developed a tool, which can be used to identify processes on the shop floor, that are suitable for being transformed into Human-Robot Collaboration workplaces / processes.

I indeed had a great chance here to deep dive into a very hot topic regarding industrial transformation and the factory of the future. The insights I gained definitely affected and shaped my perspectives and plans for the future with regard to personal development and job opportunities

For quite a time during my studies, my way was not that clear. Sure, I always wanted to work in consulting – and I still do. But regarding consulting, there are so many sub fields on which one can specialize. IT consulting, Logistic consulting or HR consulting – just to name a few.

I would now like to focus a little on the buzz word (or buzz abbreviation) “IT”. In fact, nothing in the world really works without IT anymore. Whether you consult the “Investmentpunk” Gerald Hörhan (whose books I do highly recommend by the way), look at the strategic plan of all multinationals, or talk to any at least a little informed person about the importance of IT – the answer frankly is almost quite the same:

“Without IT knowledge and an intense confrontation with digitalization itself, you won’t make it far.”

And that is correct.

It really can be observed everywhere. Almost every business model and numerous activities are being automated and digitalized. To be honest, to me it doesn’t really make a difference (regarding the process) if I fuel up my car at the gas station using a robotic gas booth and buy my snack at a snack dispenser or if a human sells me the goods. I just want it to happen quick and easy.
Of course this implicates a whole lot of ethical topics and discussions, which are not part of this blog entry though.

The point is that I realized, that my business studies provide me with a solid basis for working and tackling some obstacles in life, but they do not provide me with high knowledge about web development, digital identity or basic programming. Those are competencies I will have to strengthen in order to maintain competitiveness on the job market. This is one of the reasons why this blog emerged. Furthermore I am planning to acquire a master degree in digital business or similar.

Because one thing is sure:
Digitalization is no trend or something,  it’s happening, affects everybody and it’s unstoppable as well as irreversible.

From now on you will read a lot about current business and technological affairs, my travel experiences and mindset topics in this blog. I’m looking forward to having discussions with you!

Cool, that you are on board!

Kind regards


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