The Ford Mustang – Never fading legend or outdated status symbol?

Ford Mustang – The epitome of American car manufacturing. Just like the majestic animal, this car embodies power and gracefulness at the same time. Car lovers all around the world are going crazy to have an original 1967 model. But even now, 50 years later, nothing has changed and the fascination is still unbroken.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to test the most recent model of the Ford Mustang myself. As a consequence of Dieselgate and the resulting developments, Diesel powered internal combustion engines are facing bans in wide parts of some major German cities. About the right time to put reason aside and switch to a mighty 5.0 liter petrol engine – naturally aspirated of course – to suck all of the bad diesel emissions out of our congested city air, right? 😉

OK, jokes aside let’s talk business.

Of course we, my Dad and I, were keen on trying out the real deal, the 5.0 liter engine. No Turbo, no supercharging, no bullshit. Just brutal 8 cylinder suction force. There is a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder Eco boost model of the current Mustang, but no. Simply no. That’s castration.

So there we were in front of the Ford Dealership, standing next to the car. It really is beautiful in its appearance. The extremely long and broad front side in combination with the evil front lights signalize pure power. The perfectly matched back streamlines the car to a perfect outer package with the characteristic vertical rear lights. The trunk is fairly big and can easily fit two big suitcases.

As soon as you get into the car you get an instant reminder, that it’s not the family van you were not looking for. 😉 Seriously, the front passengers won’t worry about space – but the rear passengers will. The rear seats are more gimmick than functional and you probably don’t wanna travel long distance in the back.

The car comes well equipped, even in the basis version, and the interior appears valuable. The infotainment interface is displayed on a big touchscreen and easy to handle. So far so good. So let’s push start to ignition. There it is. This satisfying roar at ignition, followed by that confident bubbling in idle. Go, go, go!

As soon as you start driving, you realize that this car perfectly fits American markets and streets. It drives like a ship. One really experiences that when going into tighter turns. You will most likely have to maneuver because the turning cycle is similar to the one of a 747-400. Really, it’s big. But we’re not trying to win city races or parking contests, we want to cruise! Heading? Autobahn!

The sign that suspends speed limit approaches, I plan to drop a gear and disappear. There is the sign – Kickdown! And I am… Disappointed. The sound is magnificent of course but the acceleration? Meh. I mean we’re talking about 420 horsepower which should whip that car forward. But it really is unspectacular.

OK I have to be fair here, the mustang weighs 2.3 tons and has no perfect aerodynamics – at the same time I’m used to driving cars that have at least one, actually two turbos. In a PS class like this I initially benchmarked the acceleration of the Mustang with a BMW M4 or an Audi RS4, that was naive.
But I expected a little more. Of course the Mustang has a very high engine elasticity, a looooong breath and the acceleration is far away from bad, while the sound compensates a lot. But the “WOW!” won’t come.

All in all the newest generation of the Ford Mustang is a fun car and definitely enjoys undivided attention when cruising through the city. It is not the perfect car for shopping your groceries and picking up three people for a road trip but it doesn’t have to.

An argument which surely will make a lot of people consider dealing with the mustang is the price. The fully equipped 5.0 version we tested (PDC, Seat heating and cooling, Infotainment system, leather seats etc.) was a showroom car with 1000km on the odometer and would have sold to us for 40.000€. That is really not much for a new car with this amount of extras, this engine and this reputation in a highly competitive German car market. A completely naked C-Class starts at this price. But at the same time one has to remember, that this is not a car full of German engineering knowledge and manufacturing excellence either.

So yes, The Ford Mustang still is a legend and it will always be. But our local understanding of cars, as we are “spoiled” by BMW, Audi and Mercedes, as well as the German spirit of reason won’t permit this car to most of us and stamp it as a bragging status symbol.

Stay fueled up!

Kind regards


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